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Chiptune and live drums – Masked duo from South London


HASHMATIKS are a chiptune duo forged in South London. The two met through a mutual friend and since then, they have become an unstoppable force, bowling over audiences wherever they go.

KromitzR and DaBass use live drums and various vintage game hardware to create the most insane blend of progressive chip tune, 8-bit synths and free jazz / fusion-y beats. These cheeky masked assailants bring the thunder with an electric stage show leaving audience members reeling from the shock…”WHAT DID I JUST SEE??”

The music they produce can only be described as a real live chiptune act.

Most recently, they have played with Chip hop superstar, Mega Ran at the Surya centre in London. Round 2 in September, hopefully, we’ll keep you posted!

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